MAY 2020

villa artista

It is in challenging and complicated conditions that we approach art and design in 2020, especially when observing the contradictions between the continuous expansion for art demand and the case of the artist community as affected by an outbreak. To overcome the crisis collectively, artists and architects are faced with unpredicted scenarios that reflect upon the social and economic system.

What remains truthful are the intention of making, as guided with exceptional architectonics in this proposal, and supported with delicate moments framed by fragments, thresholds and hierarchical shifts. For instance, the scale of the arch is a tribute to the legacy of classical Roman architecture, to elevate sensation through proportion; also projected onto the complex is the cast-iron architecture period, as reflected in the alley with metal slab treatment.

Drawing from the finest influencers and precedents, such as the attention to details of Carlo Scarpa, the super experimental Memphis design group and the playfulness of Achille Castiglioni, this design proposal, intend to promote interdisciplinary art and design practices, open programming, and spatial meditation in contemporary culture.

program planning
1. Theater
2. Artist-in-Residence 
3. Guest Rooms (2 levels)
4. Art Cabins
5. Workshops/ Ateliers
6. Art Gallery
7. Restaurant
8. Wellness Area (Turkish Baths, Saunas & indoor pool)
9. Reception & Service

Overlooking historic Turin, and surrounded by wooded slopes of hills, the proposed new art complex, Villa Artista, aims to revitalize the historic Villa Altissimo and regenerate the spatial potentials provided with its typographies.

The proposal consists of two major interventions: one construction of archways passing through the slope from West to East direction, and one deconstruction of alleyways cutting away ground level from the North to South direction. The gesture of addition and reduction contributes to a tension on site that breaks, connects, converges and exchanges activities and surprises.

*In Graphic works:
Entourage of Mushroom figures, Seascapes and other Earthly Creatures by artist: Amy Ross
Sculpture by: Simone Leigh, Stick, 2019.

© ex studio
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