NOV 2020

tenderness in concrete

Monument Manifesto:

1. Monuments are created by tearing down other monuments.

2. A monument is a yardstick for forms of participation.

3. A monument for all is fluid in its form.

4. Scale is irrelevant to a monument.

5. Personal is the new monumental.

All monuments lose their grounds at some point in time, as we constantly rediscover values to locate a sense of belonging.

Ruminating over dreadful pandemic atop defective democracies and threatening ecologies, a monument common and concrete to all counters theoften toostatic structures built to serve specific cultural identities. An intimate representation of our collective living realities, a monument is an agency for all forms of lives.

In conceiving monuments with such tenderness, we retrieve the gaze on “monument the object” and reiterate it as a placemaking organism. Superimposed on urban landscape, what becomes a monument is the functioning mechanism for growing, transforming and progressing. Formless in their natural state, these tiniest monuments temorarily adopt the composition of pre-formed soil, with seeds implanted in each. Attempted is a monument that collapses into soil to shape new ground, while a new leaf sprouting, invigoratingly breaking through dirt and awaking a fresh spectrum of entanglements.

© ex studio
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