DEC 2020

all is synchronized and your kitchen is the new washington square

If ever there was a “public space” for all, it was destructed, domesticated and reconfigured in the age of crisis. The idealized public space as a neutral representation of citizenship happens to imply its site-less fate, oscillating between one’s most private thoughts and the need for social engagement. Contrary to the idea of “public space makes interactions”, we argue that “interactions makes space public”.

Sitting through a Zoom call in your well-lit living room or obsessing over Utah on your phone because of a newly discovered monolith, the dynamics of public space is permeable to our personal lives in all forms of interactions, physical or virtual. Your interiority – either epitomized into cramped living conditions during a pandemic lockdown or polished with capitalized aesthetics as affected by the process of modernization – is a thread truthfully weaved into the social fabric, acting as an interface to synchronize with the reality of future where there is no privacy relative to what is public.

Symbiotic to the individual, the interior, the insides, public space in the future is rarely a spatial experience than a psychological one.

© ex studio
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